Saturday, June 29, 2013


You know that you are growing up when you suddenly find yourself surrounded by children, and most of them are your friend's little ones.

For my part, I took advantage of the situation and decided to create a baby crochet board on Pinterest, and occasionally do favors for them :)Here you have two headbands models that will definitly look good in your friend's childrens head, or in yours!

For the first one I use a braid made with tree cords of singles crochet. The explanation of the flower is:

Orange chain 7 sl st 1rnd: Ch 10, sl st in next ch, 7 times 2rnd: sc, hdc, 8 dc, ch 2, 8 dc, sc in every 10 ch sp Yellow: ch 4, sl st back, 2 sc in orange flower, 7 times Attach a button

For this one I use this flower and a band made with 6 doble crochet.

Aren't they cute?

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