Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Crochet necklace w/ beads

This is my first time working with beads, and it well quite well, so I'm happy to introduce you to my first crochet necklace with beads.

How do I did it:
Insert the beads in to the yarn with a needle, then start the necklace:
Chain 5, then chain 2 that are going to be like a double crochet
Double crochet in the next 4 stitches
Turn arround and make one double crochet in each stitch (5)
Repeat until you have 10 rounds

Then chain 5, grab a bead, chain 5 and repeat until you have a long long chain (6 times the desired long of your necklace).

Divide your chain into 6 equal parts and grab them on the other side with 5 chains, make the other end the same way you started, with 10 rounds of 5 double crochets, make a button hole at the end.

When you finish, grab the other ends to the first part (I did that with thread) and finaly add a button :)

It really took me an effort to write this down in english, so if you have any recomendations please tell me.

See you!

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